Darkfang Social Policy

Last updated 25th May 2017

This is the rules/code of conduct thing that applies to all our social services - Cabal and Chats. We try to keep things simple, and we don't have many hard rules (but that doesn't mean we're not moderated).

Who can join

Only people who are 18+ years of age can join.

This is partly for legal reasons. No bots are allowed without our permission.


The language of our services is English only.

This is so everyone understands each other.


We care about freedom of speech, and we also care about how pleasant our space is. Moderation is key to the health of online conversations. It keeps unpleasant people and misinformation out and makes sure that everyone can have a fair say.

We're not interested in having people who feel they must push their beliefs onto others. If you consider yourself more “advanced” spiritually; or some kind of “elder”, “senior”, “guardian” or “shepherd”, you aren't welcome.

If you support/promote violence or discrimination, you aren't welcome either. You own your freedom, we own the server.


We don't have specific content or content warning policies as it's rather contextual and flexible as to what people find scary or uncomfortable, and we ask that everyone treats our services as contextual and flexible spaces too.


  • Illegal content is not allowed. (Current server location is in the United States, so its laws apply.)
  • Things that can physically harm other people are not allowed regardless of where they are posted (like seizure gifs).
  • No picspam, excessive link posting, meme pics, etc. unless it's part of an /actual/ conversation (or in the Links category in Cabal).

on Cabal

  • Consider using 'hide details' (our equivalent of a spoiler tag) on a post to hide content that some users may find disturbing.
  • Consider forking a topic (Reply as Linked Topic) if you're going in a direction with the topic that some other people might find too uncomfortable to go into.
  • If you're making a topic where part/all of the topic is something people might find distressing/disturbing, consider adding a warning to the title.

on Chats

  • Consider giving way for others and message directly/privately if you're posting stuff only you and someone else want to talk about. Alternatively, if a lot of people are chatting about something you're finding uncomfortable to read, consider coming back later when it's cleared.
  • Please don't trigger voice or video calling. We can't disable this yet on the server. (This isn't a privacy risk to anyone because you still have to answer to actually go through.)

Everything else

There are no hard limits.

'Mature language'/'swear words' of any kind are allowed, nearly all kinds of conversational topics and uploads are fine - that includes nudity, sex and violence.

Our services are sex-positive places, so conversations or content about sex will not be expected to be hidden so expect any post or message to possibly be NSFW.

Just because we don't have hard limits it doesn't mean that our services are just for 'explicit' or 'adult' content. These are just things that we allow as a possible part of any conversation.


We want to be sure that each person that joins us is a genuine person and not a bot (unless you're a genuine person who also wants a bot for a particular reason, in which case, ask us first as a normal registered user), so please do the following depending on where you join:

on Cabal

Make sure you give yourself a display picture/avatar and make an introductory post. If you don't, we may delete your account after a while.

on Chats

If you're joining for the first time, make sure that you at least give yourself a display name and introduce yourself. If you don't, we will kick you after a while, but feel free to join back if it was an accident. :)


The admins and moderators of Darkfang services have the right to remove or ban anyone for any reason. If you are banned from one of our services, you are banned from all of them.